Notifications not loading.

TGAgrippa 1 year ago updated by mk1992 1 year ago 9

Like others, I am having problems with notifications not loading. The problem actually began for me last week but I came here and saw that no one else was complaining and figured the problem must be at my end. It's worse now than it was last week, though.

Same with me....had issues past week but I was able to get in via article comments but since this early morning....nothing is loading in notifications.

Hope SA will fix this problem soon.

Hard to believe this has been going on for several hours now and SA still hasn't fixed it - no way to contact them anymore either.


Same here.  Been going on for weeks.


You would think authors would be complaining given it's thru comments that they make their most pennies, right? 

Notification board is not loading, I can't contact you, and it is frustrating.  2020 strikes again!

I have issues with notifications loading all the time.  Not the end of the world but a total pain in the @$$ when they are actually important updates. 

Not loading for me for over a month now.  Multiple computers, multiple browsers.


The notification issue has now been fixed, as reported by our development team. Please take look and let us know if you're still experiencing an issue.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

Yes, clearing the browser cache as you suggested did the job (both chrome and opera).  However:

1.  It can do a fresh load.  But....

2.  After I have clicked on a notification, I expect it to be removed from the notification list.  It is not.  If you cache that ajax call, browser is simply loading old server response which now is out of date?  How does user get his notifications updated?  Clear cache all the time?

3.  Why not set cache = false for that ajax call and redis cache the response server side.  That way user can get updated notification list any time he clicks on the bell and server side the list is updated once a notification item is clicked on?