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Night reading mode

almaz.aimukatov 4 years ago in Android App updated by bbig 3 years ago 7

Could you please make a night reading mode into app? Thank you creating such great website!

Under review

Our pleasure. Can you please clarify what you have in mind by 'night reading mode'?


The Night Reading Mode in the Applications (iOS & Android) normally switches the text background color (from white) to black and font color (from black) to white. This way it gets friendly for eyes when reading in the dark, let's say when reading articles or post-market price updates from phone before going to bed :) 

Or better just to say Night Mode


Very interesting idea. We'll add to our backlog of potential future features


Cant take this site anymore without shades, simply wont use without a night mode.

night mode batman approved 

Dark mode better for contrast even in day if done well. 

This isn't newspaper...