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Updated website layout

Philipsonh 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

Every single time I want to go to a new section I have to go back to the main header.

Really dislike this update.

Under review


Thanks for the valuable feedback. In the old format, how did you go to  a different section?

Do you mean that before you could click the header directly and now you need to hover over "Analysis" first?

Yes, but I have altered my viewpoint already ! It's fine. Just a matter of getting used to the new layout and then I will be able to use it without thinking about where to go. At first, it was disconcerting, but after a few tries i can find the areas that I primarily use. Yes 'hovering' is the key, because I was clicking on ANALYSIS and when one

does that, different material pops up than when one just hovers over the word ANALYSIS. It took me a while to

figure the motions out.  Hover vs click is the key to a successful experience. Thanks, Howard

Just another point, when you put the cursor on PEOPLE, one has to click on the word to open any material, but

not so with NEWS or ANALYSIS, so different words on the main menu require different actions by the user; and the actions you take determine what material displays. Pretty soon i will be a professional user again. WHEW! I

really enjoy your website and when I saw the change I felt YIKES ! Thanks for response Mr Hochman.