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Thanks for the new "site" -- it sucks

GO Ne 5 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 4

It plain sucks.  Why do you people have to turn one click into four? 


'please contact us with any feedback, technical issues or inquiries using the email addresses mentioned under each category.' 

Lying pieces of dung, there is no email address.

Why you have to take a perfectly functioning site and turn it into crap just because you can is plain stupid.

Under review


Thanks for your feedback. Can you be a bit more specific about how the change in our site navigation caused you to go from 1 click to 4 clicks? We are eager to improve the experience so your feedback is very valuable. 

Regarding, the language in our contact us page, you are 100% right. We moved from email support to this forum and we should have updated that language. We are going to update it ASAP. We try to be very responsive in this forum and it has proved useful as it makes all issues and feedback fully transparent and community members can voice their opinions together and help each other. 

Cant find where to see all the dividend announcements. It used to be under Dividend / Dividend News.  Now its nowhere to be found. 


It can now be found under Analysis->Dividends-Dividend News