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Need Confirmation

mike8280 3 years ago in Android App updated by Serge Ecoiffier 3 years ago 2

All the sudden I'm no longer able to like or comment on articles after years of being able too. Says I didn't confirm email. What email is my question, and why now? Please help me remedy this situation!

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It looks like you are in moderation. It looks like you have made 17 comments in the past. Is this your profile:

https://seekingalpha.com/user/40722635/comments ?

If not, it's possible you have another account under a different email address.

I could not post comments from the (Android) App.  From the computer was fine.

Just found an other thread on the subject which suggested, about 3 weeks ago by SA Aleksandra Eskova, to log out and back in with the App due to some sync issue.  I should of known better - the old "reboot" fix all approach.  That worked, so passing the word around in the various threads left hanging ...

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 3 weeks ago

Hi. Please re-login to the app. Seems like a problem with a sync appeared. Thank you.