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Please delete See More Replies in Comments threads

Apple Dan 12 months ago updated by JayOptsTrader 12 months ago 4

The "See More Replies" buttons in the comments thread make it impossible to search for text that is hidden under the button. The only way around this is to scroll through the entire list of comments and open all of the "See More Replies" buttons before conducting the search. I think your service is great, but this is very very inconvenient! I would prefer that you (a) completely get rid of "See More Replies" or (b) provide a button to automatically open all of them at once (per article) or (c) permit personal settings to always open all "See More Replies" buttons.

Thank you for providing a great service as always!!

Under review

Thanks for the feedback, i'll be sure to relay this to our product team.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

This bloody absolutely. I have wasted nearly A HALF AN HOUR having to scroll down LONG comment threads and open and open and open and open and open and open .... IF and I do mean IF you have a REASON for this - i.e. really long comment threads that have to open all comments at once cause a problem - which would be a good reason to do this, you should ONLY do this IF YOU CREATE ONE BUTTON that can be clicked UP TOP to unfold ALL REPLIES AT ONCE. Really bloody annoying.

Ha! My bad: I didn't read the entire point made by Apple Dan and Restated his points. A good mind is a good mind. And now you know I REALLY agree.


I'm getting more and more confused with each update to your comments section. It worked fine back in the day why must you keep messing with it?