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Notifications still not working on iPhone Get the pop up alerts but can’t see any on app

pimojo 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by MortyLong 4 years ago 2
Under review

Did you re-login after the last app update?

Ms. Natan all my problems returned as well after you reset me & I relogged I’m not seeing my premiums of The Dividend Hunter, Biotech Forum, only Insider Forum & I cant get everybody’s problems from coming to me to stop so please fix this it’s lutetalk a problem every other week or few days . Why can’t you guys fix this once & for all? I’m over paying for everything b/c I’m so delayed getting in if I get in at all. Notifying Bret Jensen, Tim Plaehn, it’s not fair when I’m paying full price & not able to access services still & I see everybody is having the same problems & their problems are clogging up my emails & no matter how much I ask you won’t assist me. Just cancel & refund if you can’t deliver a real lasting fix. It’s not fair of right & these non-stop complaints are ridiculous opt me out it shouldn’t be an automatic opt in. This service has changed for the worse I’m sad to say & you can’t seem to keep up w/any updates why? Please can you fix & give me access to my premium services & get extended b/c it’s not fair.

Thank you!