Dear User, can you please specify the "notable earnings"? Is it an Author or a notification type? Thank you.

There are simple notifications called "notable earnings before [week day]'s open" and "notable earnings after [week day]'s close" , and there are only the symbols in the notification, which have earnings dates the next day. The one from yesterday is from "SA Author Jignesh Mehta", 05.30 ET

Dear User, are you subscribed on SA News Team?

I'm subscribed in my android app to "portfolio", "sa recommendations", "symbols", "market close", "top breaking news" and "comments". I don't find "sa news team" in the list.

This is an Author content. You can find it via SA search. Just type SA News Team in the Search and Follow it. Notifications for this can be turned off/on in Notification Settings - Authors.

This may help you as Notable Earnings are coming from SA News Team. 

Please update me if it helped.

Thank you.

I am subscribed to SA News Team. I have KMI in my list, so I should get the "Notable Earnings after Wednesdays Close" Notification. But I didn't get it.  

When I search for SA News Team in the app, I don't find those articles under their profile. I'm also not able to find SA Editor Jignesh Mehta when I type into the search field.

Please help me for earnings season :)