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fantasio 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 4

I have access to the site and i see my portfolio but i am not logged in. This happens on firefox 64 bits. if i i pass on my icon or the bell nothing happens. When i look an article if i want to continue i receive a request to loggin in?

Trying the same on edge is working properly, no problem!

I deactivate all extensions modules, no change?

As i am not alone to use firefox do you have any explanation.

Thanks in advance


You see not logged in but he know me well!

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Do you see "Sign up / Login" at the top right or you see your user image? Is this consistent on every page or does it sometimes work?

Hi, i don't see signup/login at the top right in Firefox nor in edge. I got a bell image and my user icon (not loaded) but the difference is

In Firefox if i pass the mouse on the bell or my user image the mouse don't change to a hand in Firefox but change to a hand in edge!

So to answer this i must go to edge! I cannot post an answer under Firefox!

I forgot to answer. Never works under Firefox.