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I use SA everyday, all through the day. I've never had this issue:  I keep getting logged out.  I log in and it's fine until I click to another page and then I see I am logged out.  It started about a half hour ago. Just prior to that I was getting various errors (and't remember the errors the site through off) on some pages.

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Oh, also, yes, I did remove my cookies using your link to do so.


Same thing happening to me, plus my follows information is all gone.


And it is no longer possible to open messages.


Same here - I've had to log in 4 or 5 times this morning.  Luckily I use AutoKey which puts my info in so I don't have to keep key stroking.  Something is going on with the web server though.


Happens to me on Chrome.  Also, the feature to show me new comments comes back as "failed" and automatically signed out.  Also, seem to sign out when moving between pages.  I've cleared cache, cookies, ...

Seems to be an update from your end that has compatability issues with Chrome.

Seems to work with IE.

Same thing happening to me using Mozilla FireFox, Windows 7

logged in about 15 times in last half hour; one click to new page and I am logged out again

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We have an issue and out team is working on restoring service.  Please be patient.


Hopefully they put something in place testing wise to avoid this kind of problem in the future.

Under review

This issue was fixed yesterday, please let us know if you continue to experience trouble with staying signed in.

using chrome, cookies / cache cleared, this problem started a couple days ago, how do I fix?

I am having log in issues still from time to time.