'edit bio' page is not working

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I cannot change the details that appear under edit_bio page. When I click edit it brings me to an irrelevant page and ultimately doesn't allow me to change what gets displayed as far as I can tell. Please advise.

Here is the link address: https://seekingalpha.com/account/edit_bio

Under review

Just to confirm we're on the same page here, can you send a screenshot of the link on the user profile page you are clicking.


Hi, I sent you a screen shot some time ago. Where are we now with the issue, please?


I can't seem to locate the screenshot you have sent. I am also not seeing issues when hitting 'edit profile' on the user profile page. Is this the button you are hitting when you encounter these issues?


I had posted teh screen shot to this forum thread, but seems it has disappeared. Posting it again. You can see the 

After you click the edit profile button you highlighted in yellow, can you still not see the displayed text "Special situations, bonds, Deep Value" text below my name? That is the issue, in that, when I try to change that, it brings me to a page that has no impact on the displayed text.


There's good news and bad news. The good news is I am able to replicate your issue and we should be able to fix it. The bad news is due to our current backlog of issues we are not likely to get to this for quite some time. 

I apologize in advance for the delays here.

All the best,

Ok. I am glad you figured out the problem, and I can wait until it's resolved post your issue backlog.

Could you ping me when it's finally been resolved? Thanks.

Yes, absolutely. Thanks for understanding

Hi SA,

As it's been 5 months now, are you any closer to fixing this issue?

Please advise. Thanks.

Awaiting Customer Reply

It looks like you already changed your profile to "long only" by going to the "Contributor Center" Author Info and updating your mini bio.   Are you trying to change this again to something else ?  You should be able to change it here  Please elaborate on the issue.

Thanks, I was able to finally update my details, however it still shows as 'long only' under my profile even after making the changes, even though my updates now display correctly on my blog posts. Thus, seems to be a disconnect within the system?


Your profile is cached, check after 10-15 minutes, should show the new value.