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notifications doesn't always show new messages

mustang7 2 years ago updated by SkiManJamie 2 years ago 2

Click on the notifications tab and shows no new messages, but it's blurred. Then I start reading other blogs on Seeking Alpha and then  click on the the notifications tab and everything appears normal, including new messages etc., it's been happening for the past few weeks.

Under review

I've been told that the notifications are working fine on the new format. Please allow it a few seconds to load.
Let us know here if it is still not working for you.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

After clicking on a notification for new comments, sometimes the page loads at the comment box rather than the first new comment.. if the "x new" green note was a hyperlink to take users to the first new comment (like the previous orange one was) it would help resolve that issue.