having trouble staying logged in - keep getting kicked back to sign-in page

schughes 4 years ago updated by SA Dave Schechter (old) 4 years ago 13


'm having the same issue.

if this is not fixed soon.i will cancel.

Same issue, reported about 5 minutes ago


Me too. Every new page fails and requires me to log back in again. It's been happening all morning.

Same here keep getting logged out when I move to a new page.- please fix. Thanks

Cannot access my premium or regular saved information. Keeps wanting me to log in.

russian bots got here too?

Same happening here. Wants a new login every time I open a new page.

Changed about 7 AM this morning (10 AM your time), I am already signed in, but:

Repeatedly requires login every time I scroll down to comments section on an article- comments that do not appear..

After my ID in comment box says:

"New! Use @ to tag a user"

i do not know what it is asking me to do. 

How about some instructions of changes you are making.

When I try to publish, takes me to a box showing my personal email address.

When will this be fixed.

Right now I cannot comment on any articles.

Repeated login requests are annoying.

Under review

This issue was fixed yesterday, please let us know if you continue to experience trouble with staying signed in.

Thanks Dave. But it is just so hard to contact anyone. Last week the virus alert. And this week the login problem. I just make a comment here, hope somebody at SA is reading and stay off of the SA site for a day, hoping it gets fixed.

Thank you Chancer, and we apologize for the error.

We will make more of an effort to reply to every inquiry.