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Notifications stopped working after Android O update on OnePlus 5

jacky_brs 4 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 3 years ago 11

Notifications stopped working after Android O update on OnePlus 5


All my notifications stop after the update as well on my moto x4

Under review

Dear User, we are aware of this issue and working on improving notification implementation. Please stay tuned. Thank you


hi, my problem is a bit more nuanced. I get SOME but not all notifications. In the settings I've set up SA to be enabled for all notifications. However I only received a small fraction of the items posted for the stocks I follow. I'm on OnePlus 5t.

Are you guys limiting the notifications on purpose? I know I'd get a LOT of notifications if everything posted to a stock I follow came as a notification but that's actually what I want.


Was this problem ever fixed?


same issue, the notifications don't show the latest articles anymore, I can't see what the latest news are, that's too bad it worked great until a few weeks ago. 

Reinstalling did not fix it. 


I get the same old notifications/alerts  constantly, only upon going to my notifications tab do I see the new notifications. And it seems as though there are fewer of them then I was getting before


I can sign in and get notifications on my Galaxy Note 4 running Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), but cannot even sign in on my LG V20 running Android 7.0 (Nougat).

Numerical notification continues to increase above your icon, but how to access those messages?


notifications have stopped again for several days on my android.