Academic research on analytics by investors on StockTalk

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I am a Master's student conducting a research on “Financial market analysis done for investment by users of StockTalk on Seeking Alpha.". Basically, how the traders and investors in StockTalk community analyze the stock market, by technical analysis or fundamental analysis and complementing or substituting each other. Usually traders and investors use only technical or fundamental analysis, but only a few of them use both techniques, despite the proven complementary results. Also, I would suggest a model for analyzing the stock markets by the end of my dissertation.

I wanted to confirm if I could circulate a small and simple questionnaire survey to know about individuals' analysis when investing and suggest an idea for better forecasting, within the community.


This is a master’s level dissertation which needs to be completed within a span of only 3 months and could be kept totally confidential, if suggested so. The time period and the community reach makes StockTalk perfect for my research. 

Once confirmed about the community support and issues, other details could be discussed further and I could share my research proposal thereby adhering to other terms and conditions .

I plan to submit my final research proposal by August 08, 2018 and hence a quick reply would be appreciated.


Ameya Pawar


Thanks for your interest ,  I am trying to get a quick answer