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Blogs are not published

Nick Menard 5 years ago in Website updated by Adam Pascarella 5 years ago 6

I wrote 3 blogs so far, but i do not know how many views they had, and if they are published. All of my 3 blogs had a tag Long-Ideas, but they are never published. How can i publish in the public space?

Hi there - You can see your three blogs on the site, here. If you would like these to be considered for article publication, please go here. For further assistance, please contact contributors@seekingalpha.com. 

I have the same issue. I published a blog as Long idea. But don't see it published under the stock ideas section. what is the issue.

Same issue for me. I just published a blog but it isn't showing up in my "Drafts" or "Blog Posts" tabs. Please advise.

Hi Adam,

Looks like your blog post was rejected by our moderators. I will reach out to them and have them respond here as to why that was done. You should have gotten an email indicating it was not approved. 

Our blog posts are not evaluated by our editorial team, but they do go under review by our moderation team for users still under initial moderation. 

Thanks, Daniel. I did not receive an email. I look forward to further details from the mods.