So i post on here a lot...Get followed by a troll because he doesn't like my point of view and now i can't post

igetmoney62245 5 years ago updated by StephMVPCurryUmad? 5 years ago 4

Without my posts being approved?  What is up with that?  How does that work...

This site is such a joke, troll fest...Reporting comments does nothing, and then they stop you from posting if you report posts.  WTF is up with that....Surprised this site hasn't been shut down for harassment yet 


Yeah, this site sucks.  Peapaw a "contributor" is very rude.  I would expect something to be done, but they don't even delete rude comments here against there own "rules"

This forum only responds to technical questions.  Anything else is ignored.  I've also tried to get their attention about stalkers and the horrible way things are moderated, and there is never any response.  The people responsible for moderation and discipline (if there are any - sometimes I wonder if it's all automated in a really bad way) are not reading this forum.  So don't bother complaining; it won't accomplish anything.

Yeah this site is not run properly...Why you can't block posters is beyond me...I will probably just move on...this site is way too childish tbh