Why can't I read full articles anymore?

anonymous 9 months ago in Mobile Web updated by Tim Bonar 6 days ago 6

Don't have or want the app, just click link from emails I subscribed to. Now all of a sudden you want to force me to get a premium acct just to read the articles? Unless you fix this I will probably just unsubscribe to all. 

I noticed the same thing this week.


i noticed the same thing.  why the change without any notice of change?

Also, what's the new monthly limit?

I saw the same thing. I used Seeking Alpha for years and was happy with the limited level of information and insight they were providing. I did notice all of a sudden I was being clocked on the amount of articles I was reading and when I hit 5 i was blocked. I agree there was no notice given about any change in access. 

So 5 a month is the limit. Good to know. Thanks for posting.

I have paid fro premium market place and when I click on an article, I get a you have reached your free article limit. I click on subscribe & it tells me I am already subscribed & when my subscription renews. There is no link to contact anyone(phone # or email) no help!!!