I am NOT a robot, are you?

lydia bogart 2 years ago in iPad updated by cat2005 2 years ago 4

The new check for ROBOT is onerous, excessive, inflexible.

It has changed my experience of reading Seeking Alpha on an iPad from convenient to literally impossible -- every link from your emails requires validation, and then the articles do not load.

WHY ??? ....  if I click a link from an email SA sends to me that related to my account is there any concern about me being a ROBOT.  If an anonymous click, maybe.  But a personally identifying link should be sufficient to read an article.

And, on this posting page I am asked to prove I am a human.  I am posting AFTER logging in.  Really?

Agreed. I'm logged in and don't appreciate the multiple interruptions for press and hold are you a robot

I installed the SA app via chrome on PC, I now get a message asking to keep pressing the button & hold - but this takes me to an endless loop. I am basically unable to access. Since today, I am locked out! SA please fix it urgently.

I agree.  It is bullshit and annoying as hell, especially if I am already logged-in.  This is only one of several SA bugs I've encountered over the past few months and it is driving me to look for another platform.

Also, asking me to disable my javascript / cookie blocker to verify that I am not a robot is a non-starter.

Sorry SA, you aren't special enough for me to open my web browser to risks.