Press & hold button

Shubham Maheshwari 1 year ago in Website updated by unbob 1 year ago 8

I am frequently getting press & hold button. Javascript is already allowed. Please see to it ASAP.



I could not get past Press & Hold on Firefox (likely due to AD blocker).  Nor on Chrome (generic no blocking of AD's or JavaScript).  Only way I could get in was to use MS Edge (which I never use and only has default setup).


Site is unusable in with this new verification function. Please fix!


In chrome I disabled ad-blocker, enabled javascript and cookies, refreshed the site, and still cant pass press&hold :(


+10000 to all the above. site is currently totally unusable. 


I have the same problem with the "Press & Hold" button
Can't get past it with Firexox, even with all add-ons disabled and "Enhanced Protection" turned off.
Can't get past it with Chrome, even with all add-ons disabled and all SA & 3rd party cookies accepted.
I can only get past it using a barebone MS Edge that I just installed.
I didn't change a single thing to my chrome and FF browsers.

Same issue here, Chrome browser I can no longer access. I am a paying customer who can no longer access the product!

I thought I read that this problem had been solved. How wrong can you be! It has got 100 times worse! Now it even came up when Help & Support opened a new window. This is really showing us how incompetent SA’s IT Team is! My latest id is 5da88db0-5c18-11eb-8093-53ecfebce819.

Please do something about it, like yesterday!

Now 2 months later than the prior reply and still the problem remains unresolved! Using Firefox and Chrome with same result. Outrageous and unacceptable.