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ETF RESEARCHER!! WOW....Basic, simple, but ultimately a FANTASTIC TOOL. I want to know where its future home will be. I LOVE it!! thanks Samiamaustin

Samiamaustin 4 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 4 years ago 2

CAN SEEKING ALPHA GET ANY BETTER?? YES!!  I love your new ETF researcher.  It is so simple yet so useful.  Even the ETF sites on the IN do not offer such a quick search tool.  Once I narrow down my ETF search the few I'd be interested in owning, then I can dig into the details of what is owned and the exact amount of assets it holds etc

I love it.  Where will I find it in the future when permanently installed??.


I don't know why your authors take their articles so seriously, but this is a no BULL site with quality info.  I can truly say this is the only investing Blog site I have made money.  Other quality sites like "QuantumOnline.com" take donations.  If you asked and provided the payment links....I'd LOVE to donate.  Thank You Seeking Alpha!!


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Hi samiamaustin,

We're really happy you are enjoying our site generally - and our ETF screener tool specifically. While we don't have a way to take donations, you can support SeekingAlpha in several ways:

1) By continuing to read and interact with our community

2) By spreading the word to anyone you know that is serious about investing

We also have several subscription products that may interest you:

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Happy investing,

Jonathan Liss

In answer to your question, if you go to Analysis > ETF Screener in our nav, you will arrive at the ETF tool.