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How can I enter date of share purchase and purchase price to track my portfolio?

cchardwick 5 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 5 years ago 5

this is very much needed. I can see the change since purchase, but i need to know the date since it's was added so i can estimate my progress. Need a column for the date

Under review

Dear User, currently we have very similar functionality only for Android  - you can track a change by entering a price bought and amount of shares. We are in progress of adding the same functionality to iOS app. Please stay tuned. Thank you.

Price bought at is present. The date at which it was bought is not present. We are asking you to add the "date" column.

Pls let us know about the "date" feature


thank you for your suggestion. I think it might be useful and I will add it as planned improvement.