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pahmd 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

I am not longer getting emails to my comcast account.  I have worked with comcast who do not see any blocks on their end.  How do I get this resolved?  Thanks.

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We sent you 4 emails on 1/28. Can you please search your email for "Seeking Alpha" and see what comes up?

Thank you so much for investigating this.  I received one above "We sent you 4 emails on 1/28"  in pahaccounts@comcast.net      However, I would like to receive them at pahfin@comcast.net -- that's the e-mail account not working

Can you please send test to pahfin@comcast.net and pahaccounts@comcast.net again.  Thanks

p.s.  I tried numerous times with Comcast. This is latest from them:

Comcast.net Block Removal Response Thank you for contacting Comcast Customer Security Assurance. We have received and reviewed your Block List removal request.

Blocklist Removal Response: After investigating the issue, we have found that the IP you provided for removal is currently not on our blocklist.

IP Address Submitted:  We need the IP address currently blocked to further investigate this issue. The IP address is a number separated by decimals and is located in an error code starting with "550" in the returned email from Comcast.

If you have a different IP addresses which you would like considered for removal from the Comcast Blocklist: click here to learn more.

Sincerely, Comcast Security Assurance

I have tried resetting SA email many times.  I just tried it again.  I never get the confirmation e-mail.   Again, it works with pahaccounts@comcast.net, but not pahfin@comcast.net.  I want pahfin to work.  It was working up until a few weeks ago when I stopped getting SA emails.  Thanks.

Can you try sending test email to pahfin@comcast.net?  Thanks