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Reported percentage moves in some stocks are wrong

Dr Greg Texas 3 years ago in Website updated by Head Wrench 3 years ago 8

For a few weeks, the portfolio sidebar has been displaying inaccurate numbers for stock ticker daily price changes or percentages. Yesterday and today (8-18-18) Apple is prominently displayed in my side list and in the main data/ graph area as being at a price of $217 with a $4.26 increase for 1.10%. Clearly a 1.1 percent of 217 is $2.18 and the actual 4.26 move is closer to 2% of the 217 stock price. I used to count on my glance at your info for daily updates. If I cannot depend on the information, just becomes more "fake news".

Yes, I have the screenshot to prove my eyes were not wrong.

Under review


Thanks so much for reporting this. We had some issues with our data provider sending us incorrect % change data. It should now be resolved, but if you see this again please update here.



SA's data provider also fails to adjust the share price for the dividend on ex-dividend dates. On ex-div the reported price change and percentage is always way off.

Hi Head Wrench,

Thanks as always for your helpful feedback!

We actually worked with them on that dividend issue which should be fixed as of a week ago. Have you seen this happen since then?



Good news Daniel. I actually was ignoring the SA price data because of the unreliability. I'll let you know what I observe this week. 

Daniel, I just checked a few stocks that are ex-div today and SA is reporting a previous close that has not been adjusted for the dividend. Consequently the daily change and percentages calculated off that prev close are still incorrect.

You are correct. Looking into it. I wlll update.

Head Wrench- this should now be fixed.

I had a chance to check 3 tickers that are ex-div today, and they are showing correct amount for previous close. I think we may be good now!