My premium upgrade i not getting applied to my account. This is just disappointing. How to reach their team?

Jahanzaibsaeed 2 years ago in Website updated by PJCT123 2 years ago 2

Hello, i just purchased the premium version and i dont see jack shit for the premium features. Please fix this. Email: jahanzaib.saeed@lalamove.com

I am also having a problem.  I tried to sign up for the 19.99 plan.  All I get is a "Yikes" pop-up (I have bought thousands of things on the internet and have never had such a problem with trying to give someone my $).  I am now nervous that I am going to get charged 5 times (the # of times I have tried to sign up).   

And I have to post this is a public forum to get customer service.  I am likely to cancel after the 2 week trial. 

does anyone from SA actually monitor this forum?