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Bug in SA Chat search function

Head Wrench 3 years ago updated by Head Wrench 2 years ago 4

In most programs when you open a search box you can immediately start typing your query. The flaw in the SA Chat program is that the cursor remains in the chat messaging box and your search term is published to the chatroom.
After you open the search by clicking on the magnifying glass, you must always remember to click in the search box before typing. The focus should automatically move to the search box.

Under review


We see this issue and thanks for bringing it to our attention. We will fix this the next time we do a chat upgrade.



Thanks Daniel,

There is a related issue with the Chat’s obsessive focus on the message composition box.

When a new chat window is opened, the cursor is immediately positioned in the message box, even though typing a message is never the first thing that I want to do. On my Android phone this also causes the keyboard to pop up and covers more than half of my reading space. In fact less than 2cm of reading space remains, and after I dismiss the keyboard that message box still takes up an inordinate amount of the screen.

The recent Chat update still did not address these very annoying problems
In every SA chatroom where I am a member, everyday people are inadvertently posting their search queries to the entire room.
Using the chat on my phone I constantly have to dismiss the keyboard when I'm scrolling or changing rooms.


Still no action on this issue