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New Posts notification

Gagged! 8 months ago updated by MrDondo 8 months ago 4

I am getting new posts notifications but when I click on the button to go to them they disappear? What the heck guys!  I have to go to my profile, then click on the bell at the top right and they show up. But this is really messed up. 

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Can you please tell us which on which platform are you facing this issue?
Mobile or desktop? Thanks

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst

It's on my laptop computer running Win 10. Seems to be better now, but sometimes I click on the bell and nothing happens and the new posts notice disappears.  

I'm having problems deleting some new notifications.. I have to open them to rid the ones I want to skip.. Same laptop and win 10..

Same problems, same OS (Win10).  Also having problems with SA keeping track of comments that I've already read.  It's like the entire notification system got stoned about a week ago.