Linked Portfolio not updating

young padawan 10 months ago in Android App updated by Zach Nye 3 months ago 13

i linked my brokers to my portfolio. It says that the portfolios will update after 24 hours. After some trades, I've waited a week and they still haven't updated. I have to unlink and link the brokers again.


my brokers:

  • schwab
  • ally
  • fidelity

I have same issue. Portfolio not updating with the day’s new tramsactions.

Same here, Fidelity.  I have two accounts there, neither has updated in over a week.

same here Fidelity

Same here with Iphone

Same here.  I purchased some home depot a week ago in my schwab roth account and it's not showing up on SA

same here with my schwab individual and ROTH IRA accounts.  Are you supposed to delete and relink each time?  If so, pretty lame.

same here with fidelity, 

same here with Fidelity 


I am also having a problem with Fidelity updates. Unlinking then linking again is not a solution. It would be nice if users could update by clicking a button.


Same here with Fidelity. Frustrating.


Add another frustrated user. My fidelity account has not updated in about a week so today I deleted and tried to upload again and it has been giving me an error all day. 

SA, this thread is months old with complaints into the double digits, can you be not be bothered to at least acknowledge anyone here?

Apparently SA doesn't care about this issue. I understand this is probably an issue between Fidelity and Plaid, but your lack of even a cursory acknowledgment of the problem is very troubling. This is our money we're talking about and SA does not even seem to care.