Press and Hold bug

Nigel Coombs 8 months ago updated by jpastorrj 3 months ago 8

This bug was supposedly corrected. It is now much worse and comes up every time! Here are the references I get!

Seeking Alpha bug

Press and Hold

2/2/2021 a5526480-65ad-11eb-abdd-33790a29060a

3/2/2021 d0362ec0-662f-11eb-99bb-8df8d98e03b2

3/2/2021 c4e11660-664e-11eb-a29d-c31aa53950fa

4/2/2021 23f898f0-667a-11eb-b596-4333a45b7570

5/2/2021 0149a650-66c0-11eb-b4e4-e12cc296d4fe

25/2/2021 a08e1ae0-7762-11eb-acd5-c588f3ecb33e

26/2/2021 16:15 0d6743c0-7845-11eb-8d8c-d597b22cadc2

Same thing is happening to me all day today (7/13/21). I use Chrome and did not change my browser settings. It's getting nearly impossible to use the seeking alpha web site on my PC.

It is happening again today!!!! What has been the problem with this platform??? 

Reference ID: 5c0b26e0-e40b-11eb-9434-f9832249bdc7

Reference ID: ca0b7600-e4be-11eb-ab95-8169d02e3c59

Reference ID: 0f75ffd0-e4bf-11eb-835c-73a0e96f3ac5

Reference ID: 25b3a9f0-e4bf-11eb-ba8b-fda855e8e0b8

Reference ID: 37823a20-e4bf-11eb-87ea-7735be59b05a

Reference ID: 4dcd5320-e4fe-11eb-a7f8-91dae3c62dd3

Reference ID: f4120bb0-e669-11eb-9c01-7f2abeceb8ae