Pro plan is way too expensive.

annspend 5 years ago updated by keloda 5 years ago 2

Agree-  The quality of research just isn't here for $900/year.  It's not like we are reading research reports by GS or UBS or BofA analysts, who are paid $$6 to 7 figures to dig deeply into companies.  Some are obviously written by B-School undergrads or MBA candidates, while others offer more experience in investments and industry. But the level of analysis is uneven, and not worth $900/year.

Sorry, but I will be seeing much less of this site in the future, and I suspect I am not alone.

Now, $100 or $150 for time-delayed articles of varying quality, maybe...

Good luck with the $900/year takers, but as Dylan said:  'No, no, no! It ain't me Babe...'   


Agree. This is one of the few instances where, upon seeing the offer for "Pro" service, I actually stopped and thought " This service is worthy, and I would maybe consider a paid subscription". Finding out its 75$/mo. was a setback. Sorry to say but 0.99$/mo. is more like what I had in mind. Good luck with that.