The cost of you PRO plan is beyond unacceptable

Ted's Cat 3 years ago in Website updated by mfreeman775 3 years ago 4

I am currently spending ~$650/yr on subscriptions on your site, and being able to read articles more than 30 days old is critical to my being able to evaluate either an investment idea or an additional subscription service. 

Now if you had the expertise of a dedicated investment news outlet (WSJ, Barron’s, etc.), I can understand that there would be a return on that investment, but most of the articles are not written by an investment professional, let alone an SA staff writer.

If you need additional revenue to maintain and enhance the web site, I would gladly sign up for say $10/mo.  Asking for an additional $900/yr for nothing more than retrieving information stored on a disk drive far is beyond reasonable.


It is grotesque and immoral to charge us for some outdated articles when we merely want to retrieve some baseline information on a company thru old articles.   $360 a year is cost prohibitive to stock research on SA and constitutes bilking.  Like others, I can spend my money on better sites for basic company research.   SA = parasites.  


$360 per year?  Try $900/year for those of us who apparently are not key engagement "power users".  


Seekingalpha was a great resource. Greed ruined it. So long SA. I am out of here and I am not ever coming back.

Agree with everyone. This is insane! Would be happy to pay $5-10 per month but $75 is an insult.