Why is Seeking Alpha reclassifying articles to "Pro articles" when they were originally published as "non pro"?

trump1 3 years ago in Website updated by DutchPete 3 years ago 3

Articles which were originally classified as "non pro" which I read and commented on are no classified as "pro articles" and are locked. What is going on?

articles are only free now for 10days from issue then they go behind the PRO paywall to view them..there is a lot of "noise" about this, we will see how it plays out.


This change is horrible.  Especially for stocks that don't get a flood of articles.  Stocks that investors really need articles about.  For these, less loved stocks, the 10 day wall is extremely limiting.  It essentially locks ALL articles!  Please change the 10 day wall do something more reasonable like 6 months.  I've already started using Motley Fool at this point because I can no longer see any articles on SA.

This new 10 days feature is ridiculous and pushing me to other websites. I don't read enough content to warrant a pro-subscription, but this feature will also kill the ad dollars as I will stop my email notifications (including banners) and stop reading articles (including banners).