ahh so they're adding censorship to greed and concealment? Seems to be a successful policy model these days...

Warren,  they did re-post my Feedback Forum comment, but they have yet to apologize for impersonating me with a related comment I did not write,  It really is over the top, and I have made David Jackson aware of what someone on his staff is doing when they don't like a feedback post.



Under review

Hi Mercy,

No one at SA has removed any of your feedback forum posts. 

No one at SA at SA posted comments in your name or edited your comments. If you'd like to delete any comment, you can click the "Edit/Delete" link and report it to our moderation team.



Daniel, I can accept that you personally are not aware of how this happened,  but I stand by what I recounted.  It is highly unlikely that I "forgot" what I wrote 5 minutes earlier.  After 10 years on Seeking Alpha, plus thousands of posts, and hundreds of followers, my credibility should not be at issue.


Mercy, as head of the moderation team, I will reiterate what Daniel told you. Nobody at SA posted in your name or edited your comment (I have checked our records to be sure). We don't have an explanation for you here, sorry. If there is a comment you would like us to remove, please report it to us and we'll do so.



Yael,  I appreciate your offer and can understand that you don't have an explanation.  The comment attributed to me has other related comments legitimately posted, so I will leave the thread intact for now.  Thank you for your response.