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PR newswire spam

Scandinavian Value Investor 3 years ago updated by Scott Sacknoff 3 years ago 7

Hello! Is there a way to omit PR Newswire spam from my feed since it pretty much drowns all the actually important content from my feed. Thanks!

Under review


Which feed are you referring to? The portfolio feed on our desktop website?



Hi! Yup the portfolio feed in both the app and desktop. It seems you fixed it now so thanks for the quick response!

Edit: they are still there. Is there a way to hide the releases from that one publisher in the portfolio feed?


Can you give us a few examples of press releases and tickers you consider spam?

just read a PR Newswore piece “the commodities run to watch in 2019”. Says at the end that it is paid advertising for a micro cap stock. Also has a number of error regarding what other firms actually do. 

Please post a link. Thanks!

The Commodity Run to Watch in 2019 $FCX,TRQ,BBL,ALB,RIO