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Volume and updated stock prices

mortenefriis 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 4

Dear team, now that we are paying 40$ pr. Month, I would like to see a few basic improvement,

1. We need the trade volume 

2. There is a huge amount of stock prices that are not updated, even on a daily basis.

I need to have a parallel portfolio on Bloomberg “watchlist” in order to follow Volume and Updated stock prices.. not ok.

Under review


Thanks so much for being a subscriber.

1. Are you referring to seeing volume on price charts or seeing it in your portfolio?

2. Can you give some examples so we can look into this?



Volume: Both.. but I would suggest you make it an option in a setting.. but definitely, it has to be an option for your portfolio.

Not updated; Examples, just from my portfolio are: JNEXF. PCQRF, BRGRF, BCLMF, QTEYF..

and as mentioned.. these are updated hourly on e.g. Bloomberg in my watchlist there.. but there is no reason why I should need to have an account both places.


Question- when you mention Bloomberg, do you mean Bloomberg.com or the Bloomberg terminal? I can't find several of those tickers on Bloomberg.com. 

Also, I should mention that Volume is visible on your portfolio here: