Seeking alpha Platform Response

Gary Jakacky 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

I am wondering if other users have noticed that SA response times border on the pathetic. I use numerous computers; I use numerous internet providers; I use numerous operating systems, in my cycling travels and such. I have other windows open that are loading normally. 

My suspicion is non paying users are getting throttled. Is this just an ongoing manifestation of SA's deterioration (poor editing, erratic monitoring of article commentary and text comments that would make Pornhub proud. 


the funny thing is that I've recently noticed stock prices on SA are often wrong.

Don't forget, that may just be a time delay. But in any case, my windows time out trying to get to SA most of the time, anyway. The fact that the Powers That BE won't even address this issue shows you how savvy they have become in recent quarters. If we wrote a letter criticizing BIDEN and/or praising Trump it would be edited out immediately.