Another 5 analysis papers all saying the same thing about MU

skinny man 3 years ago updated by Technosemi 3 years ago 1

I have previously wrote about how it is ridiculous that there has been 4 "analysis" papers released in 24 hours about MU all saying basically the same thing, from 1:40pm yesterday to 9:30am today there has been 5 of these "analysis" papers released, again all pretty much repeating themselves. It is just ridiculous at this point even when there isn't any news there will be there stories written about how the p/e is too low, the fundamentals all look too good, everyone already knows these loosely thrown around comments so why do we need 5 stories a day repeating it about the same stock?

Because this is apparently the narrative and viewpoint that this site has decided they will promote.  This is more than borne out by the floods of posts written by a large brigade of bull pumpers of the stock (& other stocks as well such as AMD & T).  This brigade seems to have no other life than to write huge volumes of posts pumping the bull narrative.  If you present the opposite position, you are attacked, degraded, name-called, made fun of.  The most part of all is that if you report this blatant abuse, 90% of the time the powers that be will not remove these posts, even if you report the same post over a number of times, and even use the "Other" under "Abuse" to describe in detail how the poster has repeatedly posted highly abusive posts, literally stalked you - nothing is done.  So, you get really aggravated and decide to respond in like kind to that poster, and then YOUR post gets deleted and their posts remain!  And, in my case, moderation tells me that because I have posted posts that violate their Terms of Service, my posts will have to be approved by them before they will post them!  This goes beyond anything I have ever experienced, anywhere, on any site.  What does all this tell you about how this site is run?