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unable to read stories

Vanda Advisers 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 5

When I click on a story from seeking alpha in my inbox, a new browser window (Chrome) opens as has happened for years, but the new window goes into an endless loop and the story never appears.

Under review


Can you please copy the link here?


This is still a problem on Chrome. 


Is it possible you have some sort of add-on in chrome which is causing this issue? Try right clicking the link and choose "Open link in incognito window" and then login to Seeking Alpha and see if that works. 


Seeking Alpha is cutting out the little guy by putting an exorbitant fee on the PRO version.  This mostly likely will kill my interest in the site 100%.  If I can't go back an look at an article or see one that is over 10 days old, what is the point.