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Make text in email alerts and newsletters (eg. Wall Street Breakfast) responsive so it wraps

peter_brown 4 years ago updated by SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago 8

So you dont have to scroll left right each time in your emails to read each line, please make them responsive so that text wraps in the window no matter what size the font is.

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This is great feedback. Just curious which device/browser combo you were reading WSB on.


Mainly outlook on android.

Small android screen on my galaxy tab means i need to pinch to zoom to read it, but the i have to scroll left/right to read each line.

Bumping this. 

When I zoom for larger text, the embedded advertising image forces the text to flow past the margins, which of course makes the content unreadable.

Thank you for the feedback. A screenshot would be appreciated.

Responding on behalf of Ray Zinn, a video showing the defect:

Awaiting Customer Reply

Ray, thanks so much for the video.  The WSB email is generally responsive and should only be 580 px wide on the desktop and downsizes to around 290 on mobile phones.  This looks like an issue we have seen before which was definitely ad related.   If your video was showing an issue with the ad, then the behavior would change depending on what type of ad we are running that day, I can't reproduce the issue now with the WSB email from your video but that same ad is not running today.  Just want to clarify, do you see the issue every day or only when a large ad is displayed ?   Also, which email client do you use ?  I couldn't tell from the video.  

FYI:  The screenshot below is from my email on my laptop, this is how I expect it to look first screenshot is zoomed in and second is the default size 100%.

Thanks for the fast reply:

1) Problem exists with today's email as well.

2) I cannot recall a day when it was not a problem.

3) Email client is Outlook 365, Version 1902 (current build, updated two days ago).

We did find an issue withe the banner ad where we are hard-coding the width.  The ads team is going to test removing the width, hopefully this will resolve the issue.   Thanks again !