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Google pixel notification issue

ladlamd 4 years ago in Android App updated by Mansoor M 4 years ago 3

I was receiving notifications, but I haven't been receiving any lately. I did one click set up, but nothing happens. It's like app has gone in passive mode.. 

Please advise 

Under review

Dear User, are you still experiencing this problem? If yes, please try to turn off battery saving mode in Pixel settings for SA app. Please come back to me if it helped. Thank you.

After clicking on the link received in email, I just received a notification asking me if I want to receive notification from seeking alpha, now I don't know maybe cause it's chrome app? 

About battery saver - it's off and on my seeking alpha app, notification is blank

I am receiving newsnon my pixel (about fb and apple yet) via chrome app and not the actual app. In my actual app, I have portfolio, articles, news, notification. 

I am receiving news from chrome, but not actual notification as I did before. Like I receive from stocktwits. 

I have android pixel on 8.1.0