Too many emails, How do I unsubscribe?

Daniel Schreiber 6 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 6 years ago 3


To manage your email alerts simply go here:


You may also click on the "Manage Email Alerts" link at the bottom of any Seeking Alpha email.

Manage my author alerts » when I click on the the hyperlink at the beginning of this sentence it takes me to http://seekingalpha.com/user/332216/following which is a list of all the authors I follow. When I click on the author name or the "more" at the end of their intro text I am not able to see anyplace to "unsubscribe from email alerts". I have unfollowed then followed an author again an in the process deselected the "real time email alerts" option but for some reason Phil Stock World continues to send me a daily email. How do I stop receiving daily emails for Phils Stock Works?

Hi Brian,

Are you sure those emails are coming from Seeking Alpha? Phil Davis also runs his own website called "Phil's Stock World" which may be sending you those emails.