When in the "MY Portfolio" tab I would like to see “Symbol”, “Last Price” and “Share #” as constant when looking at ALL “DATA” tabs.

BAL2917 4 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 4 years ago 3

When I view My Portfolio, I would like to see "Symbol", "Last Price" and "Share #" when viewing any of the "DATA" tabs. It would help me track my holding when viewing "Performance", "Dividends" and the other tabs. Thank you.


We are actually working on a re-design of this page which will make it fully customizeable. Stay tuned.

I would like to be able to customize the parameters (combination of fundamental/momentum/daywatch). When is this expected to rollout? Please allow as many parameters possible to be able to add. This will really help. I am trying to move all my yahoo finance tracking here.

We hope to have this live within the next few months. Stay tuned!