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mutual fund price changes not showing in portfolio.

rhicks 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 13

I track mutual funds in a separate portfolio.  Last week the daily changes stopped showing on the website that I access on my laptop.  However, the daily changes still show up on my android phone.  I did not make any changes on my software or equipment.

9/26 - the problem continues.

9/27 - the problem is worse.  Now the portfolio of mutual funds do not show anything, other than the number of shares. 

9/27 - when the market opens the portfolio of mutual funds now has zeroes in columns for CHG, %CHG and TODAY'S GAIN.

9/28 - mutual funds still not working.  Zeroes in columns for CHG, %CHG and TODAY'S GAIN.

10/2 - Still not working.  

Under review


We are looking into this. Thanks for reporting.

I appreciate that you are looking into this.  I think something changed on your end.  

I might be able to identify when this first occurred, if it would help.

Thanks, we'll figure it out. In the meantime, go to the main portfolio view and you can see the prices fine:


If by 'main portfolio view' you mean the 'All Portfolios' option on the dropdown, the mutual fund prices still have zeros in columns for CHG, %CHG and TODAY'S GAIN

No, I mean instead of the "Data" tab, click the "Latest" tab or the link I posted above.

Thanks, now I understand what you said. 

10/4 - It is working correctly today.  Thanks.

10/5 - still working correctly.  Seems to be fixed.  Thanks.