Press and Hold

Dan Moriarty 6 months ago in Website updated by Incoming 6 months ago 16

Every time I load an article I get "Press and Hold".  I am not a Robot.  I do not have cookies blocked.  Javascript is enabled.  I have no Idea why this is happening, but I can't use you site.  I have a Pro Subscription and this is a very disappointing service issue.  Why isn't there a notice from Seeking Alpha that you are having service issues?  No other web site are having problems.  So, I doubt it's me.  But if it is, I need to know.  Right now I'm clueless about what is happening.


Yeah,  That Part.


no idea.  SA has become essentially unusable with brave


having the same issues using Chrome over the past month.  It's a major bug you would think they would have solved it by now. Get it together SA team or we'll find another site to research our investments!

with JavaScript and cookies enabled, i repeatedly grt press & hold, and try again.  I can't even look at content on my tablet in Chrome.

Firefox seems to work FOR NOW.

Ditto for me as well! Very frustrating. No other sites present similar problem. Please fix!!


no idea. SA has become essentially unusable with brave


adblock off & cookies accepted. Still can't view my portfolio.

Any response for the people at SA?  I haven't heard or seen anything. I almost bought Premium so glad that I didn't!

Not a word.  SA is MIA.  There has been no improvement.  Every time I open an article I have to prove that I'm not a robot!

Maybe we are all really robots and don't realize it.  In that case SA is right....  But I doubt it.

Get the message nearly every time now that I open an article after becoming a paying subscriber. As I never had the issue when reading articles for free, maybe the solution is to cancel my subscription...

Issue reference: bc74bf50-f144-11eb-a43c-35320550b8b7


Using Microsoft Edge seems to fix the problem.  Pathetic that I have to open a second browser to visit SA.  I'm looking for a good alternative site to get my financial information from that is Chrome friendly. Any suggestions? 

Thanks for the update.

I'll Try Edge.  I actually like the info on Seeking Alfa.  So I don't have an alternative website.  

I was hoping SA would address this issue so I wouldn't have to do anything.  But SA is still MIA and I still have to prove I'm not a robot almost every time I select an article.  

Same here; active Java, etc, press and hold each time

Same issue here. Very time consuming!

I've been getting this error in the app!  What gives?  It says report it here if it haooens frequently.  So here i am.