Does Seeking Alpha plan to deal with the proliferation of misinformation being posted all over the website on a daily basis? Dangerous and irresponsible lies about the pandemic, vaccines, masks and U.S. elections are appearing all over the site.

Jack T Bonds 2 weeks ago updated by Pinguino Investments 2 days ago 10

It's clear that a lot of users have joined Seeking Alpha, not to research investments, but to post misinformation in the comments sections on many articles. If you look at some of the comment histories, that is all they do. Some of the posts promote anti-vaccine propaganda and fake cures for COVID-19; some continue to claim the U.S. election was stolen; some even call for the violent overthrow of the government.

I'm not advocating the censorship of legitimate political opinions; my concern is that users who do nothing more than post 50 to 100 comments with reckless and dangerous misinformation are not real users of your services and are abusing the platform.

Does Seeking Alpha plan to address this problem? 

The trolling has become so intense and so caustic that I have canceled my consideration of upgrading and am using other platforms for my investment research.


The trolling is rampant. I used to spend way more time on Seeking Alpha. As SA shows no inclination to do anything about it, I have no inclination to give the website more views.


Cry me a riva! Progressives have to constantly name call on the political forum. Should sound familiar, Pingy.


Did I blame only one side of the political spectrum?

It sounds like you are implying I am a progressive (I'm not) and that I have called you a name?


I agree with the above sentiments. I have to add that whenever I comment, it is being 'reviewed'. Just today I wrote a couple of comments over 8 hours hours ago. They are still being 'reviewed' because they are not visible.
My Premium subscription is due to renew in a few weeks. I am seriously considering not renewing.


I often wonder about the moderation. Comments that do not violate any of the "guidelines" posted on the website are frequently removed, while comments that are clearly nothing but trolling are usually not.


I am now wondering if anyone in Seeking Alpha management reads this feedback, or if the forum exists just for users to exchange their thoughts about the website. I actually hoped for a reply from management.


Looks like no one at Seeking Alpha responds to feedback from the users. This must be like the old "suggestion box" that is never opened.


Warning: ***** has been downgraded to Very Bearish.

There has been an untrue link pointing to Seeking Alpha for weeks. I'm not sure how to complain as I only found a forum on the SA site. Any specific information would only proliferate the untrue statement. The actual analysts from this company, in particular, are quite the opposite! All stating "BUY" across the board.

Does Seeking Alpha benefit from this gross misinformation?

Seeking Alpha appears to NOT be interested in correcting false information!

So is SA now going to cost 14.99 a month.  I didn't sign up for any free trial but now a pop up message says I have reached the end of free viewing. 


This is a financial site. Anyone bringing up Covid or vac or other garbage are jus as bad. Seeking A provided you with a mute button. You dont want to see it use it.