Stop warning me that a stock is at risk of performing badly! I don't need your uninformed fearmongering

RangerTwo 1 month ago updated by skipbn 2 weeks ago 10

I've never relied on your rating system and I definitely don't want a big red warning based on metrics that I don't care about


I agree with this. This started in the last few days. Also started seeing crypto pumping banner that's new. Please roll back this change. If I wanted it I would be using gurufocus or reading articles on Zacks.com.

I couldn't agree more about these "PANIC NOW!!!" messages.  Why don't the Quants establish a short fund, if they're so smart.

The "stock at risk" warning shows even after I'm logged into my account, and SA declared my stocks to all be without risk.


No kidding. I specialize in REITs, about which SA and all the automated analyzer get much wrong. SA's warnings do nothing but advertise their incompetence in this area. 

When writers comment on a stock, the price a the time of the article is noted, so you can see whether they were right or wrong.  Why not do the same when there is a Quant "WARNING" of bad performance? 


This is a very annoying thing for those of us who don’t like it. Could you make it optional? Thanks for considering.


I agree. These banners are annoying and redundant. I can see what SA thinks of a stock in the quant ratings section. I don't need it in red block that has to be closed manually. I have a large portfolio on SA and several of my stocks were flagged. It took time to get those banners all shut. There must be a  way to turn that function off for those of us that don't need or like SA opinion banners. In fact for stocks I own SA's panic banner is surely causing as many sells as short seller sentiment. It doesn't help my investment and it's overly manipulative.

i do think there shall be a option to tern of the warning but this feature can always be helpful 

I actually just cancelled my subscription on account of the warnings.  They are not consistent with a stable and thoughtful investment strategy.