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They have known of this issue for months, and still it continues. Sometimes, I get the 'Press and Hold' window - over and over and over. Yet my settings for Java and cookies appear to be fine. Their online support has TWICE said they would report the problem and get back to me. They didn't. I called them last week and left a message. Crickets.

I'll have to cancel if it continues, which would be a shame.


I get Press and Hold issue even when I am navigating on the website multiple times. Reported this issue 2 weeks ago but this issue has not been fixed yet. 


i am having same problem too!


Problem just started today. I updated to IOS 15 last night if that indicates anything.


Just started for me today also.  If I refresh the page it goes away.


Go back to your original " On THe Move Page "

Ever since you switched all I get is this press and hold button, I pay fo this site and can't read the articles I pay for because I constantly am pressing and holding.

To ensure this doesn’t happen in the future, please enable Javascript and cookies in your browser.Is this happening to you frequently? Please report it on our feedback forum.If you have an ad-blocker enabled.


I am not willing to “press & hold” anything that feels like it could be a virus. Has Seeking Alpha acknowledged this problem?


Interesting, it just started this evening 10 November, this has not happened before and I've been on SA for a very long time. Hopefully, everyone that has had this issue, either recently, or in the past, reports it so something will have to be done about it. Last 10 minutes or so for me, done 'press and hold' twice.


There is clearly a new bug on the SA platform.    I just started getting this error today, along with many others.


This just started happening for me about 2 hours ago.  Never had it happen before.


This is a pain in the butt. Fix it ASAP please. 


i have this problem too. First time, but SA is completely.unusable now.  Why am I spending all this money on a platform that doesn't work?


First time happening for me was this morning as well....

Always have to press and hold, Using MacOs 12.xx and Safari

This is a pain, as Javascript IS enabled and Cookies are also

the new button sucks, ive been using this site for over a decade and this is what will make me stop. 

Seeking Alpha: please acknowledge these comments and advise!

I got this 2 times this morning within the iOS app, and then again on Safari on my Mac.

what is this press and hold problem??? can we just have it removed - IS ANNOYING!!!

same here just this morning I'm glad at least its not due to some kind of hacker's virus lol

same problem just started today

same here.  twice while reading one article.

This is annoying and should NOT happen with a paid service. And we should not have to disable Internet Security to get on a site that contains financial information.

Now getting this 100% of the time on iOS, in app and browser. Basically useless right now. Hoping this will be fixed before we all rage-cancel our subscriptions.

Better get it fixed guys. It just started happening to me and this is not sounding random. Let us all know by e mail when you get it fixed. I’ve got better things to do than wait here endlessly pressing and holding until I to just decide to cancel.

WTF is this "press and hold" if you're not a robot? Starting today, it's been happening everytime that I try to access Seeking Alpha!  This is unacceptable!

i get the same issue even though I'm using the app not the browser (android 11)

and even if I was using a browser and a pop up blocker in it ( which I'm not), then as a premium subscriber I deserve not to see the shitty ads 

This issue is cery clearly brought by someone who thinks is being smart and wants to force all users to disable pop up blockers to ensure more ad revenue, instead the genius ended up messing up the experience for everyone

Press and Hold is a JOKE ! because of this new On The Move page format.

WE pay money for this lousy service that SA changes without asking us if we want a change.

Go Back to the old On The Move Page !

We're on the move, to other sites. 

SA had a nice run , but its over !

jk, but they better do something fast 

Same - can't access the website anymore because repeatedly asks me to press and hold - yet always asks me to try again after. Please fix this.


How about a refund for all the problems SA has caused all of us by changing the format. WE do not have an easy and navigational website to use anymore and spend more time on dealing with the bugs  then reading any articles.


This is a real problem , You guys need to back off the aggressive cookie and anti ad block  attempts .

you will lose page hits at this rate 

QGet this.

1) I am logged into my own account, reading my own article notifications then bam!  Press & Hold bullshit.

2) I am logged into my account, several minutes into reading an article and its comments.  I decide to reply to a comment then bam!  Press & Hold bullshit.

3) Seeking Alpha still sends advertisements / promotions to my email, asking me to subscribe to its services.

This has happened for years and SA still hasn't fixed it.  

Also, no, I am not disabling my adblock.

In case the message isn't clear: 

I don't care how good the information is on SA.  If the user experience is shit, then don't expect a subscription.

For me, the problem is just a little 'less bad' after being told that the problem would be resolved last week. After many years on the site, I will cancel my subscription if not resolved SOON.