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I keep getting an error about my comment not being in the right format when I try to submit. What do I do?

asveira 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by Ric Koehler 4 years ago 4

Whenever I try to submit my comment, a msg comes up stating that my comment does not have the correct format.

I had the same problem. I find that the best solution is to delete the app and then reload it. Usually resolves the problem. 

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If this happens again, please post a screenshot so we can get an exact error message.

“Error The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format”.  This is the error message I have been receiving for a few days now.  I am unable to comment or post.  Seems like this app is deteriorating.   My iPad no longer shows prices in my portfolio.  It would be a shame to have to find another forum.  I have enjoyed SA since I discovered it.   Good luck fixing it up!

Any news on a fix or a workaround for the error message documented in the last post before this one. I’m still getting that Incorrect Format error when I post a Comment, for months now.