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Portfolio display is messed up.

rhicks 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 4 years ago 5

Portfolio display is messed up.  Top 29 stocks display ok, but below that the screen is shaded. The same dark color as the bottom banner of the page.

Under review

It is working for me.  Please post screenshots and especially any ads you see on the screen, in case it is related to ads.

screen shot:


It only happens on the data tab ?  I manage to see this only if I refresh my portfolio and then quickly scroll to the bottom.  After 2 seconds it goes back to normal colors.  Are you seeing similar behavior  or does it stay like this always ?  Which browser are you running ?  Thanks for your assistance with this.

sorry--  I turned off the ad blocker and display is back to normal.

not your fault, but something else must have changed.  


This bug should now be fixed. Please let us know if you encounter additional issues.