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Turning off ad blocker makes your site unusable on Chrome browser

anonymous 5 years ago in Website updated by Kyle+Gay 5 years ago 5

Please scale back the ads on your site. You request that I turn off the ad blocker but your advertisements make your site function very poorly on a Chrome browser. My CPU usage goes up over 10% and scrolling becomes painfully jumpy. My CPU fan has to kick into high speed just to use your web site. I'm a fan so please improve this situaion.

Under review


Can you pinpoint any specific pages that this happens on, or any specific ads that cause your computer to slow down?

We apologize for the inconvenience.


I agree 100% with this post. I also use a Chrome browser on a Chromebook. Any/every article I read on SA takes forever to load due to all the ads. I can't even scroll down until more ads load. I really like SA, but wish you'd improve this issue.


We are truly sorry for the difficulties you are encountering. If you turn on your ad blocker you will be prompted to sign up for the ad free version of Seeking Alpha, which costs $10/month. This is a good alternative for users who wish to browse the site without ads.


I agree with this as well. keeping any page on Seeking Alpha open for a few minutes drives memory over 1GB and hogs the CPU. Ads are fine as long as they don't freeze my computer.